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Flies can be a serious public health nuisance in and

around food handling & residential areas. They must be

prevented from entering buildings.

Flies liquefy food by regurgitating digestive juice and their stomach contents on to

the food substance. The liquid is then drawn up by the sucking mouthparts and pass

through the gut to be deposited as the fly spots. They pick up pathogenic organisms

that can be transferred to other surfaces.

Reports have been received about flies as major environmental health concern when

infestations overspill from breeding sites such a rubbish areas or animal houses.

Houseflies can transit intestinal worms or their eggs are potential vectors of diseases

such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, cholera, etc.

Typical fly breeding sites includes trash or garbage handling areas. They will breed

in lawn clippings, fruits, vegetables, improper handling of manure from nearby

livestock operations, pets or decaying animal matter.


  • Red top fly catchers and Residual sprays are used at the refuse areas.

  • This is done to contain the problem at the source as this is the area where

    they breed.