Pest Control Tips and Practices - By the experts

Comments by experts fromall over the world:

CristinaCouceiro: The root cause for pests isexactly the conditions you stated above. Any chemical treatment done may breaktheir cycle giving relief for a short period of time, but it does address theroot cause. Complete elimination of a pest problem, requires taking away theirfood, water, shelter and access.

Riley Pest Management:Look at the micro-environment and what the particular pest is utilizing. Foodand water sources are not always apparent but must be within a range.Sanitation/ Food safety is always the first thing to look at in terms ofreducing population and issues.

ChrisDiMeglio: In my experience retail food    stores, food storage warehouses and other food manufacturing facilities provideideal sources for food and shelter. So, one needs to focus on preventing accessinto the facility by eliminating entry points and by creating a clean buffer zone around the facility. Inspection of incoming deliveries is also essentialin eliminating access into the facility. Additionally, proper inspection of thefacility, especially areas prone to pests, is key to maintaining a pest free environment.

Gene Payne: Heat is very good when done right in controlling insects. But, it does not replace good sanitation and FIFO in a plant. I had several bakeries,grocery warehouses as well as retail stores as well as meat processing, I hadto implement sanitation and pest control we had all of your problems plus a fewmore

Michael A.Amante: My experiences at a food processingplant support this observation/statement. You need to remove the environmentthat contributed to the pest issue, otherwise other pests (same and/or otherspecies) will be attracted to it and it will be a recurring issue. You need tochange the environment, and get rid of pests present when discovered.

Gail Johnson:I agree. I have been a sanitation supervisor for 18years and that involves pest control. Keeping the doors closed, stopping all ofyour gaps, keeping the entire plant and plant site clean and free of clutter isa must. Elimination of what the pests are there for will eliminate the pest.

 Ronélle du Toit: Good sanitation and hygiene practices play a very important role Pest Management Programs in the food industry. Pests and micro-organisms, as do humans needs water, food, darkness, warmth/shelter and oxygen to survive. If you can eliminate 2 or 3 of these factors, water, food and shelter, you will succeed in eliminating pest